Looking for a way to impress clients, reduce cost and clean up your existing coffee areas? Looking to show your staff that you really care by providing them with a good cup of coffee during those coffee breaks? Tired of going to get a cup of coffee and finding that either someone took the last cup and didn’t make any more or that the coffee that is there has been there for hours. Let us fix that problem for you.  Prairie Rose Coffee & Tea is pleased to announce its single serve Office Coffee Service.  Whether it’s for the office lunch room or the public waiting area …anywhere you wish to make that ‘good impression’ with a good cup of coffee, we can meet your needs.

Let Prairie Rose Coffee & Tea take the hassle out of your coffee area.  Single serve coffee and tea can be the least expensive way to offer a variety of hot beverages while reducing the hassle and expense of having someone prepare a ‘pot’ of coffee.  Most pots of coffee sit for extended periods of time reducing the taste profile while cooling off.  Pots of coffee require that a staff member check and prepare coffee while throwing out the balance of the previous pot.  Pots of coffee offer only one type of coffee, a coffee that is usually not at the peak of its flavor profile.  Pots need to be cleaned on a regular basis as we have all seen waiting areas where the coffee area looks like it hasn’t been cleaned since they received the equipment. Throwing out pots of coffee daily is expensive and doesn’t send the message that you really want to send.  Single serve coffees and teas are the answer.

As Orangeville and surrounding area’s one stop for single serve coffee and tea, Prairie Rose Coffee & Tea now offers a single serve coffee and tea office coffee service designed specifically to meet your corporate and business needs

We offer:

  • Institutional machine rentals or purchase
  • Delivery of coffee on a weekly basis, or as needed
  • Your choice of over 250 coffees, teas, hot chocolates, ciders etc.
  • Cups, sugars, etc.
  • Brewers can be purchased, rented or part of the package
  • Coffee can be delivered or picked up in store.

Interested in single serve coffee for your place of business or institution:  please contact David at 519-940-8555 or email your request.