About Us

Welcome to Prairie Rose Coffee & Tea

Welcome to Prairie Rose Coffee & Tea with two locations to serve you in Orangeville and Georgetown.

Prairie Rose Coffee & Tea is the retail arm of Prairie Rose Coffee which was initially born out of Robyn and David’s desire to help friends struggling with poverty in the Northern Region of Nicaragua.  This idea and thus their relationship with coffee grew as a relationship was formed with the Doi Chaang Coffee Company out of Vancouver (which imports the highly acclaimed Arabica beans from Thailand).  This was quickly followed by a new relationship with the roaster and seller of green beans, Café Vittoria out of Sherbrooke Quebec.  This relationship with Café Vittoria quickly grew to include their line Java Master Roasters, which provides ‘theatre’ roasting equipment to the coffee shop industry and a full line of vending coffees and green beans.

All this being said it became obvious to Robyn that the market place was changing; it was making a move away from the more conventional methods of purchasing and serving coffee.  That move was towards the much more convenient single serve option pioneered by Keurig. Research concluded that more than 20% of the total market was already single serve and that this number was projected to double by 2017.

Understanding that statistic, Robyn decided to respond not only to her own question but to the questions of many of her friends as to why they had to travel so far to get a selection of single serve coffees. Those questions included; wasn’t Orangeville big enough to support such a store?  A store where a person could buy just one serving and take it home, as a sample, before having to purchase 12, 18, 24, 40 or even 80 servings.  A store where they could purchase all their coffee needs, such as whole roasted beans, syrups, pods etc., a store that would become their destination of choice when looking for single serve beverages?

On December 3rd of 2012 Robyn decided, after letting the idea ‘percolate’ for a while, that Orangeville was indeed ready for their own single serve stores and that she would be the one to bring such a store to Orangeville.   Robyn opened her first location in February of 2013 in Orangeville.  No more need to travel to Brampton, Newmarket, Burlington, Milton or even Guelph.  No more need to order on-line and pay shipping charges while purchasing large quantities of untried k-cups.

We offer over 350 different single serve options, a variety of brewers, teas (both k-cup and premium sachet teas) including flowering teas, Torani Syrups and much, much more.

Prairie Rose Coffee & Tea also offers an office coffee service, please contact us at 519-766-5775 for more information